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Help Change Lives Today

In order to keep helping individuals overcome difficulties every day, our foundation is dependent on funding and donations. Even small contributions go a long way by giving us the chance to expand our service offerings. If you believe in our mission, please consider donating today. Every contribution makes a difference.



Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

When a woman is fighting breast cancer, there are a lot of needs outside of treatment that they require.  


Things like:

  • Financial assistance to help meet insurance deductibles

  • Meals for the family when she is in bed sick from treatment

  • Transportation for her children when she’s not able to take them to school or practices

  • House Cleaning while she’s under the weather

  • Yard maintenance so that the family can focus on the fight instead of chores

  • Laundry assistance when she lacks the energy to make it out of her bedroom

  • Massage to work out the soreness from the muscle and bone pain

  • IV Therapy to help with recovery and wellness

And MORE!!!!  With your donations, we are able to provide women with assistance in these areas and more based on their specific needs.  We have partnered with local businesses to help provide these services.  


Every donation will impact these families in ways you will never know. 

What do your donations go towards?



Our First Donation

In 2020, kids from the neighborhood were living like it was 1980…being creative with their time, putting their entrepreneurial skills to work and entertaining themselves.

One of their adventures led them to raising money for breast cancer. We got a bag from a group of them with $39 in it asking us to give it to breast cancer research. With all things shut down, there wasn’t an opportunity to take it anywhere in person so it was kept in a drawer.

Fast forward to the beginning of the Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation and guess what was our opening deposit for our account? The $39 that the neighborhood kids raised!!! 

So thank you kids! YOU made a difference and I hope you know how many lives will be touched through it.


Get Involved

There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your time, you’ll become a valuable part of our efforts and help strengthen our operations. 

Other Ways to Give

Sponsor An Event

We’re beyond appreciative for the businesses and individuals that keep our foundation running. The ongoing support that our sponsors provide us with help us achieve our ambitious goals. 

Provide a Service

We partner with local businesses to provide services to our families and to help spread the word in our community.


Do you know a woman within Prosper and the surrounding areas currently fighting Breast Cancer?  Nominate them today so we can help love on them where they are!


Every donation you give helps us support women within our local communities fighting Breast Cancer.  Whether it is a one time donation or a reocurring donation. 

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